Freedom 2 Sparkle

What is F2S?

Freedom2Sparkle is a ‘safe space’ where participants will join a community of courageous women who have broken their silence to talk about the devastating consequences abuse has had on their adult lives. Freedom2Sparkle is a 12 week course consisting of one 90-minute session per week.

The programme not only allows women to build healthy, supportive friendships but offers women the opportunity to gain an understanding of how the devastating impact abuse – in all its forms – can have on her wellbeing, relationships and ability to live a free and productive life.

It also introduces women to the possibility, not only of recovery from the trauma, but, to the hope of writing and living a brave, new, positive story for her future.

For several weeks I never said much but as the weeks rolled on, as the other women in the group shared their stories, I started to feel a real sense of validation for the first time in my life!

Who is it for?

The Freedom2Sparkle programme is a ‘safe space’ for all women who have struggled to understand and come to terms with ANY form of abuse they experienced as a child or as an adult.

It was a real challenge week on week trying to persevere in breaking down the painful aspects of the abuse I went through, but what kept me going was that I was determined to break free from the effects of trauma and the grip it had on my life. I wanted to live my life free from the pain of my past (and present).